About Me.

I am an Author and a dreamer.  I pull many of my inspirations from the multitude of books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, and games I’ve played.  I created this blog in hopes of having a place to express my thoughts and my experiences on the things I have learned during my process of getting my novel written and published.

You can also find me on a more personal blog at blogger.com.

I have been happily married to my wife Samantha, and am still learning the joys (and pains) of parenthood with my daughter, Azalea.

Updates are made once a week.  Each week will cover a different topic:

  1. Writing – My experiences, what I’ve learned, and any other tidbits concerning Authorship and writing.
  2. Tabletop – Predominantly covering D&D and Pathfinder, I’ll cover various tabletop tips, games, and like for your enjoyment.
  3. Game of the Month (GotM) – This will just be various games that I have been playing and my thoughts about them.  They might be new, or something so old you haven’t even heard of it.
  4. Story Time – This is the post where I give you peeks into the work I have done on my current novel already.  It will have the first 500 words or so of any chapter, and the rest can be found on wattpad.

Grace and Peace.


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