Chapter 9 – Indecision

As Usual, you can find the whole chapter on Wattpad

Chrono woke the group up early the following morning. Everyone consumed a small, quick meal of cheese and breads, and then refilled their waterskins at a nearby pond. Sharon had to assure both Chrono and Jalia several times that she was feeling better since she had applied the meadowsweet to her wounds before they were satisfied. Roshaun was not much better than the others. He continuously looked at her with that same apologetic expression he carried whenever something bad happened. Once everyone had saddled and mounted their horses, the party continued on their journey.

The scenery was quickly shifting now as the forest covered hills faded into the steeper mountains. While the mountainside did have its share of trees, they were considerably sparser than what they had previously encountered. Chrono led a steady pace throughout the morning until they reached the base of a particularly steep hill. There the party allowed their horses to rest and Sharon applied another round of the meadowsweet paste she had made the night before. Chrono smiled, comforted by the fact that his wife wasn’t taking any chances.

Sharon knew the truth of the matter though. While the meadowsweet could fight off the fever the poisoned caused, it did very little to extract it from her body. She knew it would only be a matter of time before it would incapacitate or kill her. She kept this knowledge to herself though. The last thing she wanted was for three other people to start worrying about her in a situation that was beyond everyone’s control. There was enough going on as it was, and she was not about to put more stress on her friend’s by telling them the unfortunate truth. The best she could do for them at the moment was to keep this problem out the way as much as possible until she could get in touch with a physician in Lavir.

Sharon stifled a grimace as she remounted the horse after their rest. The wound still stung when she moved too quickly, and the dull ache was a constant companion any time else. She hoped that keeping her fever down would help slow the poisonous effects, but as the day progressed she quickly realized that the meadowsweet would not be enough.


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