GotM: Knights of the Old Republic


I know I’m doing two BioWare games in a row, but in light of Star Wars: Rogue One coming to theaters today I thought it would be fitting to talk about one of my all time favorite games outside of the Legend of Zelda series.

Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most enjoyable immersions into the Star Wars universe I have ever played.  The story takes place thousands of years before even Episode I (if you acknowledge its existence, Episode II if you don’t), and allows you to be what just about everyone wants to be, a Jedi.

There actually are two installments of the Knights of the Old Republic game series, though they could easily be played separately without losing information from one to the other, and there is the MMO called The Old Republic which is based around the same time.  But, I just want to talk about the first one.

KotOR has a very compelling story, and you come across a plethora of people who can and do become your companions.  Depending on how you lean in the force (Light, Dark, or Neutral) you can influence your companions positively or negatively and leads to unique story options with each journey through the story.

One of my favorite aspects about the game is the ability to adjust your characters skills and abilities as you see fit.  Do you want to be incredibly charismatic and talk your way out of situations?  You can!  Do you want to cut your way through everything and ask questions later?  You can!  You can focus on your swordplay, destroy your enemies with blasters, or let the force be your ally and blow opposition away with your wobbily space magic!

The places you get to go are vibrant and have a wide variety quests that you can go on to explore each planet to its fullest.  You even get to explore the deep jungle floor of Kashyyk which has one of the best companion characters in my opinion, Jolee Bindo.  I would say more but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

The game was originally released on Xbox (Yes, the first one) but it is also available on Steam now for about $10.


Have you had a chance to play this game?  Did you like it or nor?  What is your favorite Star Wars game?


Let me know in the comments below and see you next week!


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