GotM: Mass Effect 1-3


There are just some stories that I feel a desire to re-experience again and again.  Whether it is a book series like Harry Potter or The Inheritance Cycle or a individual or series of games, there are just some stories that are so good I can’t help but desire to be thrown back into that world again.

Mass Effect is one of those stories that I love.

Each installment of the Mass Effect experience can stand well enough on its own, but I find that it really shines as a whole when you put all three together.

For those who don’t know, Mass Effect is a sci-fi space exploration style of RPG/Third Person Shooter (TPS) that follows a human known only as “Commander Shepherd”.  As with most BioWare games you get some customization for your Shepherd: gender, background, specialties, etc. which will influence your experience in the story.

Shepherd becomes the first human to become a Spectre, a super elite force run by a council of various alien races that have joined together as a unified people.  As a Spectre, Shepherd learns of an ancient mechanical race known as Reapers who aim to harvest the advanced races for their own sustenance.  You spend the span of three games trying to prevent this from becoming a reality.

The summary I’ve given is a mere bare-bones simplification of a story that I find to be immersive.  The worlds presented are vast with a wide variety of life, culture, and experiences.  Every decision you make has potential to affect the economy of the galaxy as a whole which always makes me want to calculate my responses when necessary.

The characters you meet along the way are each unique and interesting in their own way.  Some you will come to love, others you might learn to hate, but each one presents a dynamic viewpoint that you may find yourself begrudgingly considering as an acceptable option or vehemently opposed.

When I play these games I find myself sucked in.  I don’t want to stop at all.  They are, in my opinion, one of the best set of games BioWare has made to date and I look forward to the release of their new title Mass Effect: Andromeda scheduled to release in March of next year.

Those of you who have played the games know that there was a lot of controversy over how the game ended originally.  Understandably, it felt as if all the work you had done up to this point was meaningless and it certainly hurt the satisfaction levels of many a player.

While I am glad they decided to provide a “better” ending as a service to the fans, I personally believe that they had no obligation to do so.  As a writer, I would not change the ending of my books just to make my readers happy, just as I would not expect any other artist to adjust their creation merely for my own benefit.

That said, I also was not bothered by the ending as much as others that I know.  Still regardless of how it ends, I feel the story is worth the experience and highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

What about you?  Did you like or dislike the Mass Effect series?

Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “GotM: Mass Effect 1-3

  1. I have not played any of the “Mass Effect” games, but a series of books I can re-read over and over is “The Belgariad”, The Mallorean”, “Belgarath the Sorcerer”, and “Polgara the Sorceress” (12 books in all). The story is kind of predictable, but I love the characters. Every time I read it, it’s like visiting old friends.

    I might have to check out Mass Effect. Just trying “The Witcher” for the first time.


    1. I haven’t had the opportunity to play any of the Witcher series in depth, but I have heard they are fantastic.

      I adore the Belgariad series, it is by far one of my favorites.


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