Board Games that Thrill

Halloween is fast approaching, which means there are costumes to plan, delightfully horrendous treats to make, and parties to plan.  In the spirit of the month of horror I’ve come up three games you may want to try with your friends at your next Halloween party.


Zombie Dicepackage
This game is really quite simple.  There is no real strategy to this game, but relies mostly on luck.  You are given a set of dice that have images of a brain, footprints, and a blast.  The goal is to eat as many brains as you can without being “killed” by the getting three blasts.  You can roll as much as you like until then, but if you do get blasted three times you lose all the brains you collected that round.  Do you decide to press your luck, or play it safe?

The best part is that it takes practically no time to set the game up and the rounds are over in about ten minutes or less.

Official link here.


3d-box-right-cr-dow_0Dead of Winter
This board game is perhaps one of my favorite styles of game.  Plaid Hat calls it a meta-cooperative game.  The players are placed into a scenario where they are trying to avoid starvation, freezing, and the monsters that lurk beyond their colony in the middle of winter.  The goal of the game is to work together to keep the colony alive.  Each player also has their own secret objective, be it sabotaging the colony, or making sure you collect everything you need for arson, that must be completed before the game ends to be victorious.  It becomes a dynamic tension of game vs players vs players as everyone tries to complete their objective for the “good of the colony” while not knowing who to trust in the endeavor.

This game does take some set up and can last on average between 60-90 minutes.  But the thrill of the adventure makes it feel like no time has passed at all.

Official link here.


Mansions of Madnessbox-right-mansions-of-madness
This game is not for the weak of heart.  Mansions of Madness takes place with the Lovecraftian Cthulhu occult in mind.  One player is the villain attempting to complete a nefarious scheme while the other players are detectives seeking to stop the villain from successfully completing his tasks.  The game is very story driven and can sometimes feel like you are playing a session of DnD or Pathfinder rather than a board game.

This beast of a game can take 2-3 hours to complete depending on the scenario and narrative of the story.  Each player will have to fight to keep their health and sanity as they fight off the monsters that lurk in the shadows. Will the villain prove the victor or will the others be successful in saving the world?

You can find the official info here.


4 thoughts on “Board Games that Thrill

  1. I think Zombie Dice is one of the most streamlined games that still retains some tactical decision making in the form of crunching the odds and looking at other players’ scores.
    If you like push you luck games I’d also recommend Ninja Dice, with the Locations expansion.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There are some good reviews for it on Youtube and Amazon. Out of curiosity, what games do you really enjoy? Are there any missing niches in your collection.


      2. Sadly the amount of games I own compared to the ones I’ve played is abysmally small. That said I really enjoy the kind of games that are either hilarious to pit player vs player (Epic Spell War or Exploding Kittens for example) Or the style of games that pit the players vs the board/game itself. Both tend to lead to very interesting scenarios.

        I do like the games that take longer to play (Risk, Twilight Emperium, etc) but I just don’t have the time to devote to them as much so I tend to steer away from them.

        I am pretty open to most tabletop games though and would happily try anything at least once (within reason).


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