GotM: Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD


Of all the types of adventure games that I have played, Legend of Zelda games are by far my favorite.  They have all contained compelling stories mixed with a healthy amount of dynamic battles and thought provoking puzzles and dungeons.

Of those games I wanted to give Windwaker HD a nod.  When the game was first announced back in the early 2000s (the original Windwaker that is), there were a lot of mixed feelings.  I can distinctly remember hearing complaints about the art style the game possessed and concern that the game would not be Zelda-ish enough.

Keep in mind that at the time, everyone was coming off of the great successes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask which contained a more “realistic” approach to the Legend of Zelda world.  To say that Windwaker shook up the preconceived notions of the franchise would probably be a bit of an understatement.

However, those complaints and concerns were quickly abated and the game has become one of the classic Legend of Zelda games that come recommended to this day.

In LoZ: Windwaker you are given the opportunity to explore a great sea rather than the land of Hyrule.  The graphics are colorful and even whimsical as you explore the world.  The amount of dungeons isn’t as high as some of the other Zelda games have but they still offered a variety of interesting puzzles and fun boss fights that are unique to the mechanics of this game.  Perhaps one of the better parts of this game is the plentiful secrets and treasures that can be found just by sailing to the different islands.

The main reason I put Windwaker HD up at the GotM rather than the original is because of the ease access people would have to it.  Not to mention, the graphics are brighter and crisper, the controls are smoother, and they even corrected some of the frustrations that the first one had.  This of course, increases the potential fun that this game posses.

And of course, Legend of Zelda games have always had a great musical score and this game is no exception.


What Legend of Zelda game do you like, if any?


Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “GotM: Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD

  1. I highly recommend giving it a go. I know it’s on the Nintendo eShop now, so if you find the time, definitely try it out 😀

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