Roll20: Online Virtual Tabletop



Have you ever wanted to get involved with a game of D&D or Pathfinder but didn’t know of any groups in your area that had a spot open?

Well fortunately for you there is a place you can go online that will allow you to play with other people without ever having to step outside of the house.

Roll20 is an online virtual table top for a wide variety of pen and paper games including the D&D and Pathfinder rules.  In fact one of the podcasts that I have mentioned in a previous post uses roll20 for their purposes.  On this virtual table top you can use a variety of resources that are available within the software itself as well.

For those wanting to run the game there is a way to either upload maps, or create your own.  You can create encounters and set up basic dice rolls to streamline the events.  Whether you want to create your own tavern brawl for a one up session, or if you want to create an epic long story, this is a great opportunity to meet people in a community you otherwise would never meet.

The software allows for each player to save their stats and information with their virtual tokens, and if created by the DM, they can even keep a virtual copy of their character sheets that they can edit as the need arises.

The best part of the roll20, in my opinion, is the sheer variety of tabletops games available.  You want to run a Savage campaign it can do it, you want to run a Cthuhlu campaign it can do that too!

They also have a plethora of resources that you can get your hands on via youtube, wikipedia, as well as a few modules you can pay for that give you a whole story with maps and tokens to get your players involved.  Additionally, there is a wide variety of ambient sounds and music you can pick for your background setting for each scenario.  The best part is you can mix and match those sounds to create the perfect scene for what you are aiming for.

Have any of you had a chance to try out Roll20?  What did you like/didn’t like about it?

Are there any resources similar to Roll20 that you have used in the past?  How did those compare to this?


Let me know below, and I’ll see you next week.



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