GotM: Dark Souls (All)


As a gamer and fantasy author, one of my favorite types of video games are those that allow me to take up a sword and shield and slay a variety of monsters.

Easily one of the most interesting and challenging additions to this Fantasy RPG genre has been the Dark Souls series by From Software.

These games are by far some of the most grueling games I have ever played.  The statement, “you will die,” is just the beginning when it comes to this series.  Yet, it is also one of the most fulfilling and rewarding games I think I have seen on the market in a while as well.

The feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally defeat a boss that has been wiping the floor with your face over and over again is exhilarating, and you feel accomplished when you look back and see how far you’ve come.  Each hard won step that gets you closer to your goal also ultimately makes you a better player.

Additionally, the lore in this game is really quite good.

I’m sure many of you readers will disagree with me, but I honestly believe that this game rewards those who delve deeper and research the story within the confines of the game.

Nothing is ever explicitly stated about what happened leading up to the stories, but the lore attached to items and locations creates a very compelling and beautiful world.  Perhaps in a bittersweet way, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Not to mention, the multiplayer aspect of these games can be quite fun as well.  Many of the people I end up playing with have turned the souls games into a very fine community.  There are countless times when I come across a message left behind that has left me giggling to myself as I proceed to the next room.

Conversely, there have been messages left behind that also helped me progress through the game without making the same mistakes as the message giver may have made in the first playthrough.

Admittedly, these games are not for everyone.  There is, at times, a special case of patience needed to progress and I find that I often lack this patience.  So, I take the gameplay in spells.  But I always come back because of the rich environments, the diverse monsters, and the catharsis of just hacking away at bad guys.

That’s why this Game of the Month is each of the Dark Souls games.


What do you think of Dark Souls?  Do you love it, hate it, feel ambivalent?  Let me know!

See you next week!


p.s.  If you -do- like the Dark Souls franchise, I recommend looking into Bloodborne.  I’m sure you’ll find it equally enjoyable.


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