Hey! Listen! to these Podcasts



If you run tabletop sessions for Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder like I do, then you are probably looking for inspiration through what others are doing in their campaigns and “one-ups” that you might not be doing.

Whether it is a futher understanding of the rules, an idea for a story, or even an introduction to a monster that you want to throw at your party next, having a resource to pull from can be incredibly helpful.

In the spirit of the pure entertainment these provide, as well as the inspiration they have been in my own homebrew adventures, I wanted to take a moment an point you in the direction of a few podcasts that I listen to on a weekly basis.


Party Roll
This was the first tabletop podcast I found.  They play with the current rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5e.  This group of players are highly entertaining as they explore the story set before them by their DM.  There have been several times when one of the party members asks to collect some inane object or elect to perform a task in an unconventional way.

Listening to this podcast has not only provided a place where I can get a few good laughs, but has taught me how to account for certain requests players make that even a good dungeon master may not always keep in mind.

You can find their episodes on iTunes or on their website here: http://partyrollpodcast.com/


Tabletop Champions
This is another weekly podcast that I have found enjoyment in.  These guys are also following the DnD 5e rule set and are quite extensive in their playing.  I’m always impressed with their work.  Their website even contains links to the custom world map they have been exploring, as well as links to their reddit and wiki pages.  Yes, they have their own wiki page!

The most interesting to me about this group is that, for the most part, they actually play from several different places.  Rather than all sitting around one table, they somehow manage to play from their different home locations.  This, I find inspiring as I would love to find a group I could do this with myself.

Again, you can find their episodes on iTunes or their website: http://tabletopchampions.com/


These are the two big ones that I listen to regularly and enjoy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a slew of other podcasts for you to listen to and enjoy.

In fact, here is a reddit thread I found that you may also find useful: D&D Live Play Podcasts


Are there any particular podcasts that you love or are interested in?  Let me know below!


Until next week!


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