Game of the Month: LEGO Jurassic World



With my new push to bring you content, I decided to try and bring you a different category each week of the month.  The first week will be my tips and experiences in the writing world, the second will be surrounding tabletop games (predominantly D&D and Pathfinder), the third week (this week) will cover my thoughts on a particular video game, and then the fourth week will give you a peak into my current progress on the book I am writing.

I am hoping to keep this up until such a time as I deem fit to change it.

May’s Game of the Month (GotM) is going to be covering LEGO Jurassic World.

I absolutely love every LEGO game installment I have played to date.  These games might seem childish at first (and frankly, they are), but there is a lot of humor and fun available for children of all ages be they five or fifty.  Between the highly destructible environment, to the self-deprecating that is blatant all throughout the game play, each installment is a fun retelling of movies and stories we’ve come to love.

LEGO Jurassic World is no exception to these experiences.

Unwittingly, I purchased my copy of this game thinking that it only covered the story of the latest Jurassic installment, Jurassic World.  What I ended up being pleasantly surprised about was that this game also covered the stories of the original three installments of Jurassic Park as well.

I later came to realize that I had missed this explanation on the box details as well.

Regardless, my wife and I have spent a number of hours exploring not only the levels that contain many of the bigger moments from each movie, but also the massive overworld that you experience between each stage.

Even the credits were a blast as we would playfully compete to see who could collect more studs, the T-Rex or the Raptor.

Did I mention you could also play as dinosaurs in this game?  You can!  In fact, they have a way to create your own custom dinosaurs as far as your imagination will take (within the limits of the game at least).

In past LEGO installments they have created ways to create your own custom heroes that you can run around in the different stages in after you’ve unlocked them, but this proved to be a whole new batch of fun.

Ultimately I would say that any LEGO game is worth playing.  But if you like LEGOs and dinosaurs, then I think this game is for you.


See you all next week.


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