Pathfinder | D&D: Tools of the Trade



If you have ready any of my past posts you know that I thoroughly enjoy a good session of tabletop games, especially those of the Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) caliber.

In the spirit of helping out other players and Game Masters (or Dungeon Masters) I post various tips and tricks I have learned in they years I have spent acting as a DM and as a player.

Here are three more tools I have found to help improve my experience with Pathfinder and D&D.

Hero Lab
I cannot express enough how much this program has streamlined my character creation process.  Whether I am creating a custom villain for my players to fight, or I am creating a character to play in a campaign; this has been one of the best investments I have made in tabletop gaming.

Now, I will say this is not a free program, so if you are looking for a program like that this isn’t for you.  That said, I feel that their pricing is quite fair.  This software can run for multiple systems (including Pathfinder and D&D 3.5, 4e, and 5e).  The program itself is $29.99 with the first d20 system.  If you have ever purchased hard back books you know that for what you are getting this is basically a steal (each book can easily cost $50 and core books typically come in three).

Not to mention there is quite a bit of community content you can get that adds to the software as well as regular updates to keep content current.

Click here to check out Hero Lab for yourself!

Combat Manager
As a DM this has become my best friend.  This is a free software that allows you to do exactly what it says, manage combat in any campaign or session.  This software is free and comes with all the monsters found within Pathfinder as well as a treasure generator and spell database so you can quickly check spell effects.

I have actually been able to find files that will import monsters from the D&D realm as well and am currently using this software for my current 5e campaign with my players.

Whether it’s rolling initiative, checking on the challenge rating, or creating an encounter this software is a golden resource to add to your repertoire.

Combat Manager’s Website

Dungeon Tiles
This is another one of those “not free” resources.  While I am always a fan of being cost effective and finding cheaper ways to do things (i.e. whiteboard and dry erase markers) there is something to be said about having an actual tile map that your players’ miniatures can venture through.

I found a decent source for these on for a little under $20 for the dungeon set by itself (they offer a cave and outside set as well).  For the greatest variety it would be ideal to have more than one of each set, but that can get a little pricey.

Still if you have the money it is a worthwhile investment for any tabletop adventure.


See you guys next time!


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