Final Fantasy X|V: The MMO that Caught Me by Surprise

I am constantly on the lookout for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games that I can dive into (MMO RPG).  I mostly am looking for the ones that have a good community because I play them very casually.  In fact, that is why I often stick to just the MMOs that are free to play.  Occasionally, however, I find one worth investing the money in because the game is done very well.  Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is one of those games, and in light of the recent expansion Heavensward I figured I would share my own experiences with this game.  There are three aspects that I would like to discuss: the story, the gameplay, and the community.

The Story
This is a very important factor for me when it comes to MMOs.  The truth is that while many MMOs have a story, most of the ones I have encountered don’t really share the story in the best of ways.  Now, that has improved over the years, but in general there is a lot of text reading with hardly any cinematics.  In this regard, I think FFXIV has done a good job with their main story while still staying true to the style that I so easily recognize as Final Fantasy.  There are dynamic characters, plenty of cinematic moments where an important event is happening, and even the occasional voice acting to bring it even more to life.

That said, there is still a lot of text to read with all the various sidequests, but those sidequests are really a necessity (more on that later).  Honestly, the only MMO that I have had the pleasure of playing that told a story in a way that truly sucked me in more than FFXIV was Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Gameplay
If any of you had the chance to play FFXI I can understand your hesitation to wanting to try FFXIV, but let me say the difference is like night and day.  For those unfamiliar with FFXI, it was a hard game, and pretty much impossible to play solo if you desired it.

I am thrilled with the way this game controls.  Not only do you have the option to be any class you want to be at anytime, but you can also freely switch between those classes by simply switching weapons.  Additionally, I feel Square Enix did a good job making the controls compatible with controllers (which is something I haven’t seen in other MMOs).  Of course, most of the mechanics that the game uses in general is based on what has proven to work with other MMOs in the past but with a Final Fantasy flare.

Additionally, there are some absolutely breathtaking scenery to be viewed.  Like this one:

The Community
Let me preface this by saying there will always be people who are mean, elitist, and just complete jerks.


In general, the people I’ve interacted with have been very pleasant to play with.  Most of the people in FFXIV are very helpful to those who are new, and won’t treat you as inferior for not knowing something (even if it might be considered “common knowledge”).  Most people are there to have fun, and if you are careful about it you can even find a group of people in a guild (called Free Companies in this game) that can create a pleasant community to immerse yourself as you play.

If you are a player already, or if you want to try it out I would definitely recommend it.

If you need someone to play with me you can find me on either the Exodus server (Primal Data Center) by the name of Chrono Mastiff or on the Faerie server (Aether Data Center) by the name of Jalia Phoenix.

Hope you have a great week!

Grace and Peace.


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