Dungeons in a 3D Environment: Minecraft Proves Useful Yet Again!


I know I am not the first to come up with this concept.  In fact there are maps you can download off the various servers that hearken to D&D and it’s joys.  In fact, one in particular, Stonefast, is coded in such a way that you can literally play through the dungeon with a dragon and plenty of monsters and special weapons on the side.

I started running a 3.5e campaign with a few of my friends a few weeks ago and they successfully made it through the first dungeon and the Janni waiting for them at the end.  While I used my whiteboard and make-shift monster indicators, it just felt like it was lacking despite doing my best to describe each room in detail for those can imagine themselves there.

That’s when I had the idea, what about Minecraft?  How many times have I arbitrarily built enormous buildings for no reason than just to build them?  At least with dungeon building there was a purpose and a drive to get it done.  So this past week my wife and I have buckled down and built two of the dungeons that are part of the campaign, and I must say I am quite pleased with the results.


My favorite part of this is that I was able to guide my party through the different rooms which were filled with rich colors and give them an idea of what they are really looking at as they dive into the dungeon they are exploring.  I did still end up using the white board for monster encounters, but overall I think it ran rather smoothly.

The biggest obstacle I have found would be finding adequate items and blocks to depict certain objects in the dungeon, but there are objects that can be used as mere representations or have similar enough looks that you can let imagination take care of the rest.

Overall, being able to build and let others explore this world is a great addition to the campaign and will probably continue to add this as part of my repertoire of resources for future campaigns as well.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments below!

Until next week.


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