Risk of Rain: A Delightfully Explosive Experience

Apologies to my readers for the late post.  Suffice to say this past week has been a little chaotic, but I’m here now and want to share my recent discovery and experience with a game called Risk of Rain.

Indie games have increasingly become more and more prevalent in today’s gaming markets and communities.  With hosting sites like Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, and the PlayStation Plus stores, there is a wide variety of games that have come out in the past year alone.  Many of these indie games that are released are truly an artistic expression that develops from the passion of a couple of people.

Risk of Rain is one such experience.

I’ll admit that graphically I did not expect the game to be as taxing on my processes as it was.  The character sprites are mostly of the 8-bit variety and the level designs are very platform oriented that hearken back to some of the first platformers I ever played. Yet, despite this simplistic graphical nature, my frame rate had dropped to about half speed once the enemy count reached a certain tier.

The story, while not vastly intricate, does push the stages along in a smooth and pleasurable fashion and vast variety of abilities you can choose from and collect as the game progresses are often fun and unexpectedly full with buffs.

The most interesting (and for me, amusing) aspect to the game though is the way it steadily increases in difficulty as you progress in the game.  Most games would make the difficulty curve by the levels you play, but this game goes off a timer.  Whenever you start a new game you are at “very easy” and the difficulty is always indicated by a bar next to the timer.   This difficulty will shift to the next level up every few minutes changing from Easy, medium, hard, and so on until you reach the ultimate level of difficulty which is simply labeled “HAHAHAHA!”

While disturbing to think that there is a game developer laughing maniacally at my futile attempts to survive such a difficulty, I will say the the developers have really done a good job making a game that is challenging yet addicting.

The true joy for me was attempting to complete this game in co-op mode which just increases the difficulty while adding the joy of listening to my companions panic as monsters would literally pop up out of nowhere and surround them.

Especially when your screen looks something like this:

It’s like a bomb full of fiery rainbow death exploded.

In case you are wondering, the character sprite is at the base of where the missiles are starting to fan out.

Have any of you had a chance to try Risk of Rain?  What did you think about it?  What did you like (or not like) about it?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until next week!


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