Need to Work on Character Development? Video Games Can Help!

by Ade M-C

If my readers haven’t figured it out by now, I like to play video games.   The types of games that I play are quite various, from first person shooters (FPS), to fighting games, adventure, and even role play games (RPG).

The latter is the type of game I am speaking of specifically.  One of the greatest components to most RPGs I have ever played is the customization of your character which will become the protagonist in the story that follows.  I find myself frequently creating my story characters in such events and using the experiences of the video games to help me develop how my characters will be in the stories that I write.

Prime example:  In playing Star Trek Online I created a character who is based off the protagonist of the current novel I am working on.  As events begin to take place in the various missions, occasionally you will get the option to make a choice that will effect the outcome of the rest of the mission.   In those situations I think to myself, “what would this character do?”

This decision making process has helped me develop much of the personalities of my characters.  The Old Republic is another game that does a great job letting your choices dictate the consequences (for good or ill).

I have recently started playing Dragonball Xenoverse.  And while I’m not a huge fighting game fan (I mostly just mash buttons) I do enjoy them from time to time.  The most surprising aspect of this game when I started it up was the ability to not only create your own character to fit within that universe, but the ability to adjust which stats you want each character to be strongest in.

Believe it or not, this game has helped me understand the fighting styles of my characters by leaps and bounds.  It has helped me refine which characters will take a more balanced approach, and which ones will jump head first into any situation.  Doing so has helped me also refine the personality of these characters even more.

Additionally you get the benefit of partaking in story whenever you play a video game.  Which ultimately can contribute to your own writing abilities.  As I’ve mentioned before (and others before me), one of the best practices to improving your writing is to read/interact with stories that others have written.  RPGs have had some of the best stories I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and the worlds they create are often beautiful and fantastical.

What has helped you with character development?

Please let me know!  Until next time.

Grace and Peace.


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